Lampenhain, Gasthaus Heiss

31. Januar 2002




Auszug aus dem Tourtagebuch von John Wesley Harding:

"In last night's guest house, however, a picturesque maison in the deepest forest and the most rolling hills, the landlady had lovingly tucked a small cuddly lamb into my bed with its head resting on my pillow. Adorable. And we got to take the lambs with us - very rock'n'roll.

Lampenheim (Lambenheim, I suppose we should call it) was very different to Frankfurt. We played at an old fashioned pub with a roaring fire stove, in a tiny village just outside Heidelberg. Shows are put on by Wolfgang, a man of considerable acumen, who, because he doesn't like people talking or smoking at other gigs, decided to invite the artists he likes to a place where they could do a great concert. It was a good move. Rarely have I been treated better by an audience or a promoter. And, remember, I've played The Fast Lanes in Asbury Park and I know of what I speak. Audience member Sascha brought me a copy of Struwwelpeter (because I had mentioned it in my tour diary), another (Thomas) had travelled 400 km - these are Wolfgang's regular audience I think. Music lovers. And I think they got a good show.

In the afternoon, with Wolfgang as our guide, we walked round the beautiful city of Heidelberg. The castle is incredible and hangs over the city - one of the most impressive things I've ever seen and not unlike the Acropolis in its scale. Perhaps you've been there. And then off we went, looking for bookstores, stamps (who wants a postcard?), an English newspaper (all found). Down a cobbled road by the university, we browsed in a vinyl store and I found Santa Barbara Honeymoon by Bert Jansch - the record that follows L.A.Turnaround (the all-time great Bert album, I think) and has never been released on CD. I'd never even seen the cover before and have been looking for it for a long long time. And there it was. The price was 14 whatevers, which seemed reasonable - but then it turned out to only half that, because Germany has just converted from the Deutschmark to the Euro and they haven't managed to change every price sticker on every record in every store in Germany. I also found a great copy of Midnight Mushrumps by Gryphon (yes, I know, I KNOW! But the good news is that the cover features some hippy music students dressed up in antiquey type clothes and just tell me that that isn't entertaining.)"


The Barkins
(Ferdy Doernberg und Joerg Ohlsen)


01 Flatlands
02 A Ghost Called Fame
03 Sokrates The Kid
04 Friends
05 The Prayer
06 This Is Me - Missing You
07 A Deal Unsigned
08 Life's Too Short For Long Goodbyes
09 Late At Night



John Wesley Harding & The Barkins


01 It Stays
02 People Love To Watch You Die
03 Isle Of France *
04 You So&So *
05 Talking Return Of The Great Gangsta Folk Scare Blues *
06 Sussex Ghost Story *
07 Still Photo
08 Our Lady Of The Highways
09 Same Piece Of Air
10 When You Smile
11 Save A Little Room For Me
12 Window Seat
13 Scared Of Guns
14 Little Musgrave*
15 Wreck On The Highway
* Wes solo


John Wesley Harding - vocals & acoustic guitar
Ferdy Doernberg - lap steel, dobro, accordion, electric & acoustic guitar, vocals
Joerg Ohlsen - vocals & acoustic guitar


























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